Rolex: You say that you love me and understand me, but do you really understand me?

19ec21028fc38c44d1a7dd51a0ad7e73_2A Rolex was always a fortune to reverse one’s fate when describing the movies which were during the war years. A man in difficulties who lived in a place far away from his home set off the journey of his comeback just depending on pawning his Rolex. However, there were countless trivia hiding behind those patterns that seemed to be vulgar.

So how much is the amount of gold using in rolex replica watches for every year?
If someone tell you that half of the total amount of gold the nation produced every year in Switzerland is using for Rolex producing, it will be apparent to be real in the movies’ plots. It is said that the Rolex perpetual calendar watch in 1952 that the last emperor in Vietnam wore whose auction price was $235,400 in 2002.

The founder of Rolex is a German.
The founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, was born in a city of Bavaria in Germany who had sold the peals and worked as an agent for watches. In 1905,Wilsdorf cooperated with British merchant Davis, founding the W&D company which is the predecessor of Rolex. In 1908, Wilsdorf gave a official registration to the Rolex trademark in La Chaux-de-Fonds of Switzerland, renaming the W&D to Rolex which read more smoothly.

As for the reason to name as rolex gmt master replica watches, the founder Hans Wilsdorf just wanted a name that every language can easily get the pronunciation.

The original logo is the palm.
It was said that the original logo used for Rolex was a palm with five fingers stretched which indicated the productions with totally and elaborately hand-made. Then the logo gradually evolved to the conversant one-crown showing the status of Rolex in watchmaking.

The birthplace of Rolex is not Switzerland.
In 1919, due to the high import and export duties in the UK, Rolex migrated to the Geneva from London opening its grand journey in Switzerland.

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